Economic Pulse of the World

In media we trust? How our views of the media are changing

While chants of “fake news” ring out around the world, this paper asks is there really a crisis of trust in the media?

Curiosity Newsletter - October 2018

If people’s perceptions are based on what they believe is truth, does that make perception as important as reality itself? In this issue of Curiosity, we shine a spotlight on perception, how very often it differs from reality and why that is.

Investing in ASEAN 2018|2019

As the ASEAN bloc continues to grow and move towards greater economic integration, Ipsos has written a series of publications that are focused on Go to Market strategy in Southeast Asia.

Four Ways Agile Research Will Evolve to Drive Innovation

In today’s fast-moving, shape-shifting world, it seems virtually every business, every marketer, and every researcher wants to be agile. But, what exactly does agility mean?

The Future of Mobility - Electrification

The mobility is constantly changing and vehicles become less polluting. Electric vehicles have been known for a decade but they attract more and more consumers, due to a major concern regarding environment and the rise of gasoline price.

Ethnography: an Unfiltered View of Reality

Ethnography is a research method made for investigating cultural practices, rituals, consumer behaviour, routines and social norms. It helps our clients identify previously unseen opportunities through looking at people’s worlds in a new way, through putting behaviour at the heart of our…

“Moodvertising” during the World Cup

Why is the mood of the crowd so important? How can it influence the ROI of your advertising?

The Evolution of Shopper Behaviour

Brands need to connect with shoppers in the moments that matter most.

A Dull Category Doesn’t Have to Mean Dull Ads

Transforming adversity into a creative opportunity.

‘Natural’ food: What Does it Mean to Consumers?

Consumers are more conscious than ever about the safety and trustworthiness of food and drink, which has led to an increase in the use of terms such as ‘natural’ on packaging.