Media & Brand Expression: Ipsos Connect
Media & Brand Expression: Ipsos Connect

Audience & Platform Measurement and Understanding

As a global leader in audience measurement, we provide critical information for advertisers needing to target their messages, to media owners pricing their advertising inventory and to the agencies that plan and buy media on behalf of advertisers.

Client context

In the digital age making connections quickly is what is needed in the fast-moving and rapidly converging worlds of media, content, telecoms and technology. A deep understanding of target audiences and their media consumption is critical to making informed media decisions.


Audience Measurement

Understanding and measuring audiences is at the heart of media research. Globally, Ipsos is responsible for more than 70 audience measurement programs, including the Affluent Study, the leading authority on the globe’s affluent audiences.

Across all countries, we employ a range of approaches in order to maximise audience response and representation, including by telephone, via face-to-face interviews in their offices or in their homes and online data collection through specialised panels. Importantly, our brand-centric approach focuses on consumption of content regardless of platform i.e. we ask about reading of a newspaper brand on any platform and then ask about reading within platform, rather than vice versa.

Ipsos Affluent Survey

The Ipsos Affluent Survey, the media survey among global affluents, is a survey designed to measure the media and consumption habits of the most affluent consumers and top business decision makers on the planet.The survey in Europe has enjoyed the status of the industry standard for multi-country planning since its conception in 1995, when it was originally named EMS back then (European Media and Marketing Survey). Nowadays Ipsos Netherlands examines the habits of the affluent population in 39 countries across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.

The Affluent Surveys are part of the Ipsos suite of Affluent surveys, also covering the Ipsos Affluent Survey Asia Pacific (formerly known as PAX) and the Ipsos Affluent Survey USA (formerly known as the Mendelsohn survey). Due to this broad offer of regions, Ipsos Netherlands is not only in the position to offer a combined dataset for Affluent EMEA, but also a reflection of an even more global universe, by combining our survey regions with Asia Pacific – released as The Global Ipsos Affluent Survey.

To meet the need of the market Ipsos delivers the Affluent Surveys in intelligent media planning software, in collaboration with a list of well-known (international) software agencies.

Since 1 January 2015, the names of all EMS surveys are rebranded to Ipsos Affluent Surveys.


MediaCell provides passive audience and media measurement at an affordable price. It challenges the established business models offering greater scale for better value. It enables clients to understand their consumers, whether in terms of their cross media consumption or exposure to advertising.

MediaCell is a versatile solution with a number of potential applications, including.

  • Personal Meters: to track a person’s media consumption across channels or to track commercial campaigns across media (MediaCell for Advertisers).
  • TV People Meters: the TV People Meter provides an affordable alternative to traditional meters, combining an everyday consumer device, at home in the modern living room, with the added benefits of a modern touch-screen user interface.
  • Set Meters: The Set Meter provides information on what is being viewed, and uses advanced modelling techniques to attribute who is viewing. This is an affordable route to scalable panels.

Case studies

Many media owners – notably upscale magazines like Time and Fortune or niche television stations such as CNN, BBC World and The Discovery Channel – are too narrowly targeted to be picked up in general media surveys. For many years, they have relied on the Ipsos Affluent Survey to help them market and sell their medium to advertisers and media agencies
For media agencies and their clients, the Affluent Survey is often the only way they can target key consumers in certain business sectors which are dominated by the affluent. These include airlines, hotels, luxury car manufacturers and financial services providers.

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