Top Most hashtag in last 7 days, “#lockdownpakistan” seems to have influenced governments to implement actual lock down across Pakistan

Despite being relatively less ‘connected’ country across MENA region, there seems lot being discussed on Coronavirus on various social media platforms in Pakistan. Being an agile and responsible company, Ipsos is monitoring these conversations, thoughts and sentiments, and releasing top line insights across the globe and in Pakistan, to help inform relevant stakeholders and public institutions, make better and timely decisions. The process is being managed by Ipsos Social Intelligence Analytics (SIA) arm, namely Synthesio.

Attached results pertaining to Pakistan, reflect the analysis of social media content in the last one week and for some charts, few months. Key highlights include the following;

  • Only second to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan leads in terms of ‘Volume of Conversations on Coronavirus’ across whole Middle East, North Africa & Pakistan (MENAP) region during last 3 months.
  • Trend on this topic picked the momentum from 8th March manifolds. From about 7000 mentions, it went beyond 100,000 on 23rd March
  • Social media users in Pakistan, are utilising these platform mostly to stay abreast of ‘latest facts and figures’ followed by urging each other on ‘Social Distancing’
  • ‘Panic Buying’ seems least of concern, for Pakistanis at the moment
  • “#lockdownpakistan” emerged as Top Most hashtag in last 7 days, which might have influenced actual lock down implemented by various provincial governments
  • Unfortunately ‘Negative Sentiments’ are dominating big way as compared to some ‘Positive sentiments’