Applife is Ipsos proprietary app using mobile for qualitative research.

What for?

Mobile is particularly accurate in 2 research contexts:

  • Exploratory research:
    • Engaging with consumers wherever they may be.
    • Using consumers’ own mobile devices to collect rich data combining text, emotion, location and pictures.
    • Can be combined with detailed online diaries or questionnaires to dive deeper into behaviour and attitudes.
  • Live events:
    • Design takes full advantage of the mobile phone as a real time research device.
    • Contextual questions to understand the event experience.

How it works?

Our Ipsos proprietary app enables:

  • Open-ended questions
  • Participants answer with text/ photo and/or video
  • Moderator can probe participant responses
  • Participants can create their own profiles
  • Participants can interact with each other and with the moderator
  • All involved stakeholders at client side can view all activity in the app real-time

Why our solution is unique?

Applife is fully designed for qualitative research: it allows text, photos, video, GPS geolocalisation.