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Letter to clients and partners from Ekaterina Rysevа, Country Manager, Ipsos in Russia

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Dear clients and partners,

In light of the global coronavirus crisis, and the significant impact it is having on our global community, we want to share with you some details regarding Ipsos’ safety measures and the business continuity plans we have in place to ensure that we continue supporting your business needs.

We recognize that helping you stay close to your customers and understand their changing behaviors and attitudes during this crisis is instrumental to continue to operate and make confident decisions.

At Ipsos we are focused on two key priorities:

  • Preserving the health, safety and well-being of our staff, the people who make our research possible and our clients’ teams.
  • Ensuring business continuity and efficient operations that help our clients address their business needs.

Preserving health, safety and well-being

We have reinforced our duty of care responsibilities in all 90 markets where we operate and conduct fieldwork, while scrupulously respecting government and expert guidance on hygiene, public gatherings, workplace safety, and location restrictions for both employees and respondents.

As the situation is changing daily, we are actively monitoring safety guidelines to ensure all our teams are playing a part in minimizing the spread of the virus.

Ensuring business continuity

Ipsos has a formal Business Continuity Planning Policy and procedures in place to ensure the continued operation of its business in the event of a major business disruption or adverse event.

Our research and operations teams are able to work from home, where necessary, using company issued IT equipment with secure remote access to company systems.

The Ipsos in Russia office currently continues to operate in normal mode. According to the recommendations, employees are provided with the ability to work remotely while maintaining the continuity of business processes and project execution.

As your trusted partner, we are taking all steps to continue to help you have a true understanding of the changing behaviors of consumers, citizens, clients, patients and healthcare professionals:

  • The vast majority of our fieldwork is online. We are actively monitoring response rates and at this stage we do not expect significant changes to survey completion rates.

  • In situations where face to face fieldwork is used for methodological reasons but is not safe at this point in time or made impossible by government restrictions, we will work with you to discuss potential alternatives. For example, in certain circumstances, programs may be transitioned from offline to online. We will be in touch with you to discuss these options.

  • For international programs, our global Operations team updates the status of all data collection methods on an ongoing basis. Your client service team is in regular contact with Operations and has the most up to date information.

  • We will regularly be in touch throughout this period, alerting you early to any changes to the situation, providing options on how to best mitigate against any risks arising on projects, and delivering constructive solutions for how to fulfill your research needs during this turbulent time.

In an uncertain world data matters: you can access our latest research and insights from Ipsos experts on coronavirus.



Ekaterina Rysevа
Country Manager
Ipsos in Russia


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