Ipsos resumes offline research

Letter to clients and partners from Ekaterina Rysevа, Country Manager, Ipsos in Russia



Dear clients and partners,

In regards of cancellation of the self-isolation regime in Moscow, we want to inform you that, starting from June 16, Ipsos in Russia resumes offline research activities and continues offline studies that were previously stopped due to the coronavirus pandemic.

We are ready to conduct face-to-face focus groups, interviews in Ipsos offices and offline locations, covering all tasks that cannot be completed by remote methods of interviewing respondents.

All requirements imposed by Rospotrebnadzor will be met, as our highest priority remains safety of our employees, clients and respondents.

Employees of Ipsos in Russia, supporting the re-launch of Face to Face research, will work in our office on Verkhnyaya Krasnoselskaya street. The rest of our team will continue to work remotely. If necessary, access to the office will be provided to employees, followed by all security measures.

At the first stage of overcoming self-isolation, we assume that the minimum number of our employees will be exposed to face-to-face contacts while conducting Face to Face projects. We advise to use online means to contact employees working remotely.

I want to use this opportunity to thank our clients who stayed with us during the period of selfisolation, actively searched for solutions to continue studies, shared their feedback, and openly discussed pressing tasks with us.

Self-isolation has ended, but uncertainty persists, but consumers are adapting, so it is now very important to continue to stay in touch with consumers, use the experience gained and make smart use of both classic and new research tools to make confident decisions to activate business.

As your trusted partner, we continue to help you have a true understanding of the changing behaviors of consumers, citizens, clients, patients and healthcare professionals.



Ekaterina Rysevа
Country Manager
Ipsos in Russia

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