Ipsos Update – August 2019

This month’s edition of Ipsos Update features Ipsos research and thinking on gender equality, what worries the world, video research, etc.

August edition of Ipsos Update: 

Video: A new type of data
Video content is now the biggest component of consumer internet traffic but only a relatively small proportion of marketing and research data is video-based. Our new report shows how to apply video data in consumer research and achieve better insights.

Global Consumer Confidence
Our survey in 24 countries finds that economic indicators in July were at their highest level globally for nine months, with jobs driving the high index score. 

A Woman’s World
Our new edition of Understanding Society presents a rich and diverse collection of articles relating to gender equality. In the spirit of truly understanding the realities of women around the world, it brings together research and perspectives across issues, expertise and geographies that can contribute towards meaningful change for women. 

The Illusion of Stability
Our white paper looks at the most pressing social and political issues in 28 countries both today and over 100 months with new analysis from our What Worries the World survey data. It reveals realities of constant shifts and uncertainty beneath somewhat consistent headlines. 
Attitudes Towards Space Exploration
On the 50th anniversary of the moon landings, we look at public opinion of the event itself and at space exploration more widely. Our UK poll also tells us which politicians Britons would most like to send on a one-way trip to the moon. 


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