Primary Consumer Sentiment Index - May 2018

The Russia Primary Consumer Sentiment (“Consumer Confidence”) Index (“PCSI”) as measured by the Thomson Reuters/Ipsos PCSI for May 2018 is 2 percentage points up over April 2018

Primary Consumer Sentiment Index (“PCSI”) in May is 2 percentage points up over last month (growth from 41,4 to 43,4).

The monthly PCSI result is driven by the aggregation of the 4 weighted sub-Indices: 

  • the PCSI Current Conditions ("Current") Sub- Index is 2 percentage points up over last month
  • the PCSI Economic Expectations (“Expectations”) Sub-Index is 0.7 percentage points down over last month
  • the PCSI Investment Climate (“Investment”) Sub-Index is 1.8 percentage points up over last month
  • the PCSI Employment Confidence (“Jobs”) Sub- Index is 4,6 percentage points up over last month

These are findings of an Ipsos online poll conducted from April 20th, 2017 to May 4th, 2018.  For this survey, a sample of 500 adults from Ipsos' Russia online panel  aged 16-64 was interviewed online. As this is an online poll in Russia, representative of the online community in the country, it is not reflective of the general population; however, the online sample in is particularly valuable in their ownright as they are more urban, educated and have more income than their fellow citizens and often referred to as “Upper Deck Consumer Citizens” or Primary Consumers.