Saudi Arabia’s Primary Consumer Sentiment Index - November 2021

Views towards the state of Saudi Arabia remain positive with a flat performance in the index since September 2021.

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  • Dalia Ghawi Ipsos, MENA
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Results of the November 2021 Primary Consumer Sentiment Index (PCSI) in Saudi Arabia, released by Ipsos, reveal a stagnant performance compared to the previous month, leaving it at 65.2.

Saudi Arabia came in first when it comes to the current state of its economy bypassing China, with 56% saying that the economy is strong. The Kingdom also comes in second place globally with consumers (86%) believing the country is heading in the right direction, a 4% drop since October 2021.

While the Coronavirus continues to top the list of concerns in the Kingdom, taxes come in second place overtaking unemployment similarly to the previous month.

On a personal level, consumers in the Kingdom also came in second place globally when it comes to their personal financial situation, a significant increase since September 2021. Currently, 28% believe that their financial situation is strong in comparison to 18% in the previous wave. It is also notable that the ability to make a major purchase has a slight increase since last wave, whereby 68% feel more comfortable making a major purchase.

Looking ahead to the coming 6 months, the majority still have a positive outlook, whereby, 61% are now more or less comfortable with investing in the future, including the ability to save money for retirement and children's education. Also, 76% expect the economy in their local area to be stronger than it is now. 

The Primary Consumer Sentiment Index is a global index conducted monthly by Ipsos across 24 countries in collaboration with Thomson Reuters, and measures consumer attitudes towards the current and future state of the local economy, consumers’ personal financial situation, as well as confidence to make large investments and ability to save. The survey has been running monthly in Saudi Arabia since 2010.

The author(s)

  • Dalia Ghawi Ipsos, MENA

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