Politics & Elections

The defining characteristic of a democracy is the citizen's right to vote and Ipsos has a wealth of experience conducting high profile political and election research. With more than 30 years’ experience in researching political attitudes, and extensive methodological expertise, we are able to provide clients with results that are insightful and stand up to scrutiny.

Client context

Our goal is to help political and economic stakeholders understand public opinion and its impact on elections and other political disputes in order to minimise risk and optimise policy outcomes. Ultimately our purpose is to bring voice to the people in order to best guide decision makers.


Our political polling research includes:

  • Campaign polling for candidates/parties
  • Leaders and political parties positioning analysis
  • Impact assessments of advertising campaigns (pre and post testing, including the impact of television debates)
  • Pre-election surveys
  • Exit polling
  • Post-election surveys (including analysis of voting flows, profile of voters by party)
  • Voting intention
  • Likelihood of voting
  • Satisfaction with government and party leaders

Case studies

Ipsos regularly conducts and analyses countries elections.