Taking Responsibility - Ipsos Foundation helps to Keep Girls in School in Uganda

News from the Ipsos Foundation and SINCE in Uganda.

In September 2017 the Ipsos Foundation made an award to SINCE in Uganda. This award funded a project aimed at increasing knowledge on menstrual health and hygiene for school girls in the counties of Busoro and Hakibale in Uganda. The project has benefitted a total of 603 women and girls who have been trained in the making of RUMPS (Reusable Menstrual Pads).

Mrs Kazooba of Kicuna village in Busoro shared her story of how she and her four daughters could not afford pads each month, resulting in her daughters missing school for lack of what to use. For Mrs Kazooba the RUMPS project was a 'God Send', enabling her daughters to attend school through teaching them to make their own pads. Through her commitment to the project and her experience, Mrs Kazooba has now been elected to lead the programme in Kicuna.