Hysterical health

In this webinar, we will share research findings from patient ethnography, alongside interviews with healthcare providers, science journalists and historians, as well as analysis of the views of the British public and medical professionals more broadly. We will reflect on the legacy of cultural assumptions around women and their bodies, how these impact real life experiences of healthcare - and discuss the way that pharma companies and healthcare providers can challenge this embedded thinking to drive change. We will also screen a short documentary and bring together a panel of experts to discuss this critical topic.


Charing the webinar will be Kelly Beaver MBE, Chief Executive UK & Ireland, Ipsos joined by experts from Ipsos, Lucy Neiland, Healthcare Anthropologist and Helen Bennis, Senior Healthcare Director alongside guest speakers:  

  • Joy Francis co-founder and executive director of Words of Colour, co-founder of Digital Women UK and co-founder of the award-winning Synergi Collaborative Centre, a national initiative to reduce ethnic inequalities in mental health.
  • Kate Jarman director of communications and corporate affairs at Milton Keynes University Hospital and co-founder of Flex NHS a movement to promote and flexible working in the NHS. 
  • Ian Roberts Professor of Epidemiology at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. Ian trained as a paediatrician in the UK and in epidemiology at the University of Auckland, New Zealand and McGill University, Canada.

Watch the Hysterical Health documentary trailer below. 



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