[WEBINAR] Techquity: Supporting an equitable future for health in the digital era

Watch the webinar recording here:

In recent years, the healthcare industry has witnessed a significant increase in its adoption of digital tools and technologies. But, ‘health tech’ is currently inequitably distributed amongst the affluent and as health tech expands it risks unintentionally perpetuating long-standing inequities among underserved, marginalised, and vulnerable populations.

As the healthcare and technology industries continue along the path of partnership, it is essential to prioritise matters of health tech equity, of ‘techquity’, and take meaningful action to close the digital divide.

In this webinar recording, our healthcare experts Alexis Anderson and Eleanor Tait introduced the topic of techquity and shared industry findings and recommendations from both an industry and patient perspective. The research, conducted in partnership with the HLTH Foundation, has been designed to uncover barriers to achieving techquity, reveal current industry efforts, establish priorities for collaboration, and highlight the digital health experiences of marginalised patients.

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