[VIRTUAL SUMMIT] Creating Resilient Growth: Ipsos Food Industry Summit

Gain informed insight and perspective to anticipate change and drive your food business and brands forward in the face of economic, social and political uncertainties in the US, sparked by COVID-19. Ipsos experts and our industry guests will share new research, analyses, case studies, and lessons learned (from other markets) providing the food industry with actionable insights to guide business strategies now and into the future. We will explore:

  • Leading global trends to impact food over the next 3 – 5 years
  • How to deliver a strong value proposition for your brand/portfolio in an economic downturn
  • Shifting mindsets and motivations behind consumers’ relationships with food and how these changes may impact future consumption patterns
  • Emerging eating occasions, and how these will steer future business
  • Driving desire through creating craveable cuisine—whether from a store or a restaurant
  • The potential implications of the upcoming elections on restaurants, grocers and food manufacturers
  • How the pandemic will change eating at home, delivery, meatless proteins and packaged foods during our What The Future segment


By registering, you can attend the full day, or just the sessions most relevant to you.

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