AHFE International Virtual Conference

Ipsos is pleased to be participating in the 11th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics (AHFE 2020) in July. Don’t miss Ipsos’ presentation exploring digital instructions for use in the medical space. Rebecca, Trevor, Mary and Corey will showcase Ipsos research and original design solutions for adapting instructions for use for medical products into a digital format. Ipsos conducted research to evaluate two digital solutions, an app versus a video, and thus we are able to show the benefits of each. The presentation will conclude with the unveiling of a new app/video hybrid solution that combines the best features of both formats. Overall, this work contributes new findings and evidence-based designs to help manufacturers navigate what digital tools can help ensure the safe and effective use of their products.

For more conference details, please visit the AHFE website.

Speakers :

  • Rebecca Williamson, Senior Lead Specialist, UX

  • Trevor Johnson, Senior Lead Specialist, UX

  • Mary Farrell, Senior Research Director, UX

  • Corey Cook, Senior Vice President, UX