ARF Audience X Science

Ipsos is delighted to be sponsoring AUDIENCExSCIENCE 2020, the advertising industry’s premier conference on measurement and growth, with a multi-dimensional perspective on the challenges and opportunities of today, while bringing the future into 20/20 focus.

Among the featured speakers, and chosen from hundreds of submissions, Ipsos’ Manuel Garcia-Garcia will be speaking about the Role of Emotion in Human Decision Making and Implications for Brand Success.

Dual system theories of decision-making (e.g., System 1 vs. System 2) have dominated the recent narrative in the consumer research industry. Recent scientific evidence demonstrates that many of the predictions made by this theory are not supported by the data. This suggests that they are not adequately capturing the dynamic interactions between cognition and emotions in the decision-making processes. Ipsos has partnered with academic experts in decision neuroscience from LabPsyDe at La Sorbonne and from Temple University to develop and test an integrated dynamic decision-making model that extend the dual process theories by adopting a more holistic view of the process. Join us for this session to hear more about the role of emotion in the dynamic processes of decision making, and how it informs a successful brand building strategy.

For more conference and registration details, please visit the ARF website.

Speakers :

  • Manuel Garcia-Garcia, PhD, Global Lead Neuroscience, Global Science Organization

Consumer & Shopper