ARF Cognition Council: Values in Advertising

Do social values, such as appeals to altruism, social justice, and sustainability in an ad impact consumers’ perception of the brand? If so, how and through which cognitive pathways, and for which population segments? Conversely, do ads that appear within potentially divisive content affect brand-related behaviors? Brand safety continues to be a major concern for advertisers in 2021 as news events and public comments on social platforms continue to ignite concern and controversy.

Join Ipsos’ Manuel Garcia-Garcia and other industry experts who will explore this topic further through a review of what is known about pro-social communication and an analysis of brand safety on Twitter.

Hear an analysis of the characteristics of altruistic creative assets, research on public attitudes about brands' embrace of social causes and case studies focused on the impact of social values on attention and engagement. This event will:

  • Provide additional evidence about brand safety concerns, such as placements in potentially divisive or social media conversations (Part 1) or news content (Part 2).
  • Help advertisers and agencies harness effective strategies for integrating pro-social messaging into their advertising.
  • Discuss an issue of increasing importance in the current advertising climate, particularly for Millennials and Gen Z.
  • Provide a research-based overview of the pathways through which altruistic appeals can be effective.
  • Contribute to conversations about the good that advertising can do.

To register, please visit the ARF website.

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