ARF Creative Council

Join Ipsos’ Pedr Howard who will moderate a panel discussion about the role of AI in creative development research.

Much has been written about AI and its use in research and creativity, and every day, researchers field questions about AI. Within the industry, there is hope for what AI can bring but also skepticism about it. This special ARF Creative Council event is designed to better understand the value, future potential, and limitations of AI in research. The speakers will embark on a discussion intended to demystify the way AI can and can’t be used to do research for developing and optimizing advertising creative.

The event will feature presentations that touch on what AI is, how it differs from other kinds of modeling, and what it offers that traditional copy testing can’t offer. They will also cover how AI models are developed, the training sets they use, and the potential biases in the selection of those training sets.

The presentations will be followed by a discussion on the impact AI has on the research that fuels creative development, and how AI can be integrated into the creative process. The moderated panel discussion will seek to highlight concerns about using AI in research and the opportunities that AI opens up for creative exploration.

See who the experts are, and register today by visiting the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) website.

Speakers :

  • Pedr Howard, SVP, Creative Excellence

Media & Brand Communication