ARF David Ogilvy Awards & Creative Effectiveness 2022

The Advertising Research Foundation David Ogilvy Awards is the only award show that honors the research- and analytics-driven insights that lead to successful ad campaigns.

It is with immense pride and pleasure that Ipsos is once again sponsoring the Awards which pay tribute to the late David Ogilvy, ultimate “mad-man,” founder of the agency Ogilvy, and creator of some of the biggest fundamentals in advertising that are still being used today. With these Awards, the industry celebrates his forward-thinking belief in the importance of research behind effective advertising.

Was your brand / advertising campaign shortlisted? The ARF has now announced this year's list of finalists, and we're proud to say that Ipsos was named as a research partner for several of them: 

  • "Zeposia. Z the Light.," BMS (Pharma/Best New or Emerging Brand)
  • "Kick Pain in the Aspercreme," Aspercreme (Best Brand Transformation/Health & Personal Care)
  • "Champion Your Skin," Goldbond, (Best Brand Transformation/Health & Personal Care)
  • "Goodnight Allergies," Xyzal/Sanofi (Health & Personal Care)
  • "McMoment Royal," McDonald's France (Best Consumer Experience)

Also, many thanks to Ipsos' Lindsay Franke who was among the Awards Grand Jurors.

Ipsos will also be speaking earlier in the day at Creative Effectiveness 2022. Ipsos' Pedr Howard is among the leading creative minds who will be on stage, in-person, to discuss innovations in stimulating, optimizing and measuring creative effectiveness. Pedr will talk about why Copy-Testing Has an Image Problem. His session challenges the notion that ad testing leads to formulaic creativity. Based on case examples, he will demonstrate that it is possible to blend the essentials of commercial creativity such as branding, with innovative and creative approaches.

It's never too early to get your tickets for the exciting event and gala in October. See you there!

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Speakers :

  • Pedr Howard, SVP, Creative Excellence

  • Lindsay Franke, EVP, Head of Creative Excellence, US

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