ARF David Ogilvy Awards

The Advertising Research Foundation David Ogilvy Awards is the only award show that honors the research- and analytics-driven insights that lead to successful ad campaigns.

It is with great pride and pleasure that Ipsos is once again sponsoring the Awards which pay tribute to the late David Ogilvy, ultimate “mad-man,” founder of the agency Ogilvy, and creator of some of the biggest fundamentals in advertising that are still being used today. With these Awards, the industry celebrates his forward-thinking belief in the importance of research behind effective advertising.

The jury of judges, which includes Ipsos’ Rachel Rodgers, have now revealed which ads and brands have been nominated. While all the nominees deserve recognition and applause, Ipsos is especially proud to have been named research partner for:


Ad: The Life Artois

Brand: Stella Artois

Category: Food & Beverage


Ad: I’m the Type

Brand: STEGLUJAN/Merck

Category: Pharmaceuticals


Congratulations once again to all of the 2021 nominees! To revisit the ads of some of the 2020 Award winners, please click here.

For more event details regarding the 2021 Awards, please visit the ARF website.

Speakers :

  • Rachel Rodgers, Senior Vice President, Creative Excellence