[WEBINAR] Affluent Americans: Surviving, Reviving & Thriving

As more and more Americans are getting vaccinated, the long awaited return to “normal” is on the horizon. While some behaviors will return to pre-COVID levels, many have been reset to new levels that are likely to continue even after the virus is under control.

Join us for a complimentary webinar to hear findings derived from our continuously tracked survey of Affluent Americans. Since 1977, the Ipsos Affluent Survey USA has measured and monitored the behavior of the highest earning households in the U.S., tracking the changing demographics and attitudes of the most valuable audiences in the world. While they won’t likely be getting stimulus payments from the government, these are the people who have had more than enough financial insulation to survive the last year with many of them actually increasing their net worth despite the financial fallout from the pandemic. In a word, their bank accounts have actually thrived. With extra savings in hand, Affluents have the financial wherewithal and desire and the to drive the economic revival. 

During this session attendees will learn:

  • How have expectations for the future have changed over the past year?
  • Did the early impact on media consumption during the pandemic continue through the year?
  • Were there shifts in attitudes and concerns?
  • What changes occurred in how much and where Affluents spent their money?

Why is this important to your brand? These are the people who control three-quarters of the net worth of the U.S. and outspend the rest of the population two-to-one. They drive purchases of both luxury goods and services in addition to contributing an out-sized portion of every other product category except tobacco. Many of them are also early adopters and wield enormous influence in advising others.

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Speakers :

  • Dorothy Advincula, Senior Vice President, US, Head of Audience Measurement and Insights

  • Tony Incalcatera, Chief Research Officer