[WEBINAR] America in Flux: Moving Forward in a Changed World

As we approach the 2nd anniversary of the day the COVID pandemic upended American lives, there is a sense of fatigue, and a growing recognition of what we’ve lost. Through Ipsos’ America in Flux longitudinal digital ethnography study and data collected through our award-winning KnowledgePanel®️, we have followed families throughout the pandemic.

Please join us to hear Liza Walworth from Ipsos’ Ethnography Center of Excellence re-visit video excerpts of these families’ experiences and emotional journeys, and Ipsos Behavioral Scientist, Jesse Itzkowitz, who will discuss how they and others can move forward and heal. Attendees can expect to better understand the American COVID experience, where people are today, and how your brand can connect with and help them move forward. 

Brands have leveraged America in Flux insights to educate leadership, guide strategic and communications decisions, build empathy within the organization, and inform diversity and inclusion initiatives.

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Speakers :

  • Liza Walworth, Vice President, Founder of the US ECE // IUU

  • Jesse Itzkowitz, Senior Vice President and Behavioral Scientist

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