[WEBINAR] Are EV Owners Charged Up About Quality?

As electric vehicles are preparing to dominate the automotive industry and the buzz around them is already doing so, do customers still consider quality to be a main factor when purchasing a vehicle? Do things like technology, design, range, etc. carry more weight? Furthermore, what are the most common quality issues experienced by electric vehicle owners and how do these differ from the problems seen in ICE vehicles?

To find out the answers to these questions (and more!), join us for a complimentary webinar as Ipsos’ US Quality Automotive Practice Lead, Jacob George, and the quality team share their thoughts on what quality means in the automotive world today compared to twenty years ago, and in particular, what role it plays for electric vehicles. In addition, we will share findings from our recent Tesla product quality study, discuss do’s and don’ts of designing new EV features like regenerative braking. From there, we will be joined by guest panelists from Volkswagen, Honda, and other industry leading brands sharing their thoughts about quality, electric vehicles and how both have impacted their organizations. 

Webinar agenda at a glance:

  • Insights on 2021 automotive quality (with a focus on EV vs. ICE)
  • Findings from Tesla Special Study 
  • Do’s and don’ts of designing and engineering regen braking
  • Panel discussion featuring leaders from the automotive industry

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Speakers :

  • Frank Forkin , President, Ipsos Automotive

  • Jacob George, Ipsos US Automotive Quality Practice Leader

  • Kacey Muccino, Vice President, US Quality Measurement

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