[WEBINAR] Are We Ready to Share Again?

With the recent spike of the COVID Delta variant in the U.S. having delayed many back to the office plans, the need for commuting and for shared mobility services is unclear. Meanwhile, we are seeing a fair amount of America getting on with life with many entertainment and sporting events at full capacity this fall, not to mention schools having reopened. Perhaps the sharing economy will be aligning to a new normal for these shared mobility services.

Join us for a complimentary webinar as Ipsos’ Frank Forkin (President, Automotive Client Organization), John Kiser (SVP of Automotive & Mobility), and Mike VanNieuwkuyk (SVP of Automotive Advisory) share the latest findings from our 2021 Module 3 Mobility Navigator focused on Shared Mobility. We will explore various topics including: Has the new normal increased the need and desire for a new shared mobility? We will compare usage levels over the last couple of years to understand this further, and to understand why consumers are selecting the services they are using, and foregoing the ones they are not. We've also seen a consolidation of mobility services within a single application - does this availability cause consumers to be more interested to use them or not?

All this and more will be explored on November 2nd.

Speakers :

  • Frank Forkin , President, Ipsos Automotive

  • John Kiser, Senior Vice President of Automotive & Mobility

  • Mike Vannieuwkuyk, Senior Vice President Automotive Advisory

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