[WEBINAR] Brand Purpose Through the Lens of Personal Values

COVID has had a formative influence on brands, but so have other cultural impacts such as racial justice and a divided society. As we kick off a new year full of ongoing change, disruption and uncertainty, people expect more from brands and are proactively seeking out brands that reflect their values. In fact, Ipsos research shows the majority of consumers now feel that brands taking a stance on social issues is an important part of being a ‘great brand.’ So if purpose is an expectation of business, are businesses perceived to be doing enough?

In this complimentary webinar, we will share recent insights from Ipsos online communities and social intelligence addressing the relationship between personal values and brand perception, and dive into learning to help brands bridge intent with action, including:

  • Key issues currently top of mind for Americans, and how this consumer-driven lens can help guide tangible, meaningful brand action
  • The interplay between individuals and brands in effecting change, from the perspective of the consumer
  • How to apply frameworks and approaches such as the Ipsos Good Innovation Model and Lead User Innovation to help uncover unmet needs and opportunities for authentic human connections and meaningful actions 

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Speakers :

  • Menaka Gopinath, President, Ipsos SMX and SIA, NA

  • Jordan Massa, Director, Ipsos Social Intelligence Analytics, NA

  • Mo Zhou, Director of Social Analytics, NA

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