City Nation Place Awards 2020

Ipsos is proud to be a sponsor of the City Nation Awards recognizing the most creative and effective place branding strategies and place marketing campaigns from around the world. Nominations were received across six categories:

  • Best Use of Data 
  • Best Citizen Engagement
  • Best Communication Strategy
  • Best Use of Design
  • Best Use of Social Media
  • Place Brand of the Year

This year has presented new and pressing challenges for place leaders and place branding teams - COVID-19 has caused a halt for many place marketing campaigns. However, it has also demonstrated where a cohesive, collaborative place brand strategy has provided resilience, and it has fostered more innovative approaches to communication strategies with citizens, with visitors, and with investors. The City Nation Place Awards Jury will be interested to read your “pre-COVID” and your “post-COVID” stories – we are inviting entries for work implemented between March 2019 and July 2020.

On November 12, the winners were announced as part of the City Nation Place Global Conference. Congratulations to the Office of the Government of Lithuania for winning the Ipsos-sponsored Best Use of Data Award.

Read more about using data to drive place brand strategies in Jason's article, Investing in Reputational Capital 101.

Speakers :

  • Jason McGrath, Senior Vice President, Head of US Corporate Reputation

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