[WEBINAR] Content & Creative in the Age of Streaming

The ‘Streaming Wars’ are in hypermode now… The pandemic of 2020 and its resulting lockdowns have led to the acceleration of the age of streaming. The number of OTT subscribers is growing significantly, crossing the 200 million mark according to eMarketer’s latest projections. This growth in audiences means demand for more content selections but also churn and fragmentation as the number of content platforms exploded. To say that content distribution models are changed forever is an understatement.

Join us for a complimentary webinar as our media development and audience measurement experts unveil two products that will help studios, content platforms and marketers simplify these complexities. Learn more about how you can use these solutions to understand:

  • Audience Insights: how audiences are currently consuming content – what platforms they are on and what gets them there
  • Content Strategy:  Titles and stories audiences gravitate toward
  • Content Promotion:  How content and creative interplay to turn an unaware person into an interested viewer

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Speakers :

  • Dorothy Advincula, Senior Vice President, US, Head of Audience Measurement and Insights

  • Thomas Kelley, Media Development

  • Manny Flores, Executive Vice President, Service Line Leader for Media Development

  • Joe Sideranko, Vice President,US, Creative Excellence & Brand