[WEBINAR] DIY Research: Everybody's Doing It. Are you?

In 2020, our lives, habits and sentiments have been largely impacted, if not shaped, by the pandemic. For most of us, our behaviors, motivations, and decisions are constantly changing and evolving as this unpredictable pandemic continues to influence our habits and day-to-day routines. As consumers, how much have we changed? Will these changes have a long- or short-term impact well into 2021 and beyond? 

As researchers, you need to ensure you keep a pulse on your consumers. Trusted data has always been a critical component in your research, but now, more than ever, speed, simplicity and cost-effectiveness are equally as important. The ability to run quick studies to better understand your target market(s) is essential in aligning and adapting business strategies with consumers’ needs and behaviors.

Stay ahead of the competition - join us for a complimentary webinar to learn how our quick-turn, cost-effective ad-hoc solution, FastFacts, can help you achieve your research needs. As an added bonus, we’ll share data about the pandemic’s impact on relationships – friendships, dating, marriage, and more. 

What is FastFacts?

  • An intuitive, self-service (DIY or Researcher-Assisted DIY) solution available on the Ipsos.Digital platform that allows you to select your audience, build your custom survey and launch your study with ease and speed  
  • With FastFacts, you’ll gather valuable consumer insights from quality data you can trust
  • Field time ranges from <24 hrs – 4 days, depending on the study’s sample size, length of interview and incidence
  • Results are available immediately after close of field in an automated dashboard (includes PDF, native PPT, Excel and SPSS exports and a table builder)

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Speakers :

  • Maria Perez, Senior Vice President, Head of Ipsos.Digital, NA

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