[WEBINAR] Disrupting Entertainment Content Positioning Model

Overwhelming choice, platform fragmentation, and COVID realities make it more difficult than ever for intellectual property breakthrough. In turn, positioning and marketing entertainment content becomes more critical every day – with content marketers challenging the status quo and requiring data driven decision-making. While traditional content positioning research tends to look backwards or into a moment in time, the rate of change in our industry can render those insights useless or outdated.

Join the Ipsos media insights team for a complimentary webinar as we reveal a new approach to content positioning research, featuring predictive analytics proprietary to Ipsos, that power content marketing decisions for the future.

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Speakers :

  • Gregory Conlon, Senior Vice President, Client Org

  • Jordan Massa, Director, Ipsos Social Intelligence Analytics, NA

  • Michael Gross, Senior Vice President, US, Ipsos Science Center

  • Jamie Stenziano, Senior Vice President, Content Strategy Insights