Double Down on Insights

For years, market researchers have been over-relying on the same methodologies (such as demographic-based segmentation) and methods (surveys) to surface consumer insights and measure the impact of marketing. More recently, the market research function has been marginalized, mostly because these approaches no longer cater to the needs of the C-Suite.

During his presentation, Emmanuel will demonstrate that market research is actually more relevant and impactful than ever, as new methodologies and techniques enable researchers to not only measure but also predict and optimize return on marketing spend. That is:

  • Market researchers can combine disparate data sets and insights to gain a full understanding of the consumer journey
  • Technology and data science enables us researchers to build predictive tools that alert our clients of an upcoming spike in sales or immediate threat to their brand, to name but two examples
  • Insights no longer have to be buried in lengthy PowerPoint decks: research can now be linked to marketing and media spend, enabling brands to optimize their return on ad spend in near-real time

This presentation is supported by in-depth research in consumer psychology and case studies of successful brands, both big and small. Please join us!

For conference and registration details, please visit the Insights Association website.

Speakers :

  • Emmanuel Probst, Senior Vice President, Brand Health Tracking

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