[WEBINAR] Healthcare Cybersecurity Insights + Tips

Join Ipsos for a complimentary webinar featuring detailed data from a research study conducted for CyberMDX and Philips examining the attitudes, concerns, and impacts on medical device security, as well as cybersecurity across large and midsize healthcare delivery organizations.

Healthcare is one of the most targeted industries for cyberattacks. A recent report from HHS cited a total of 82 ransomware incidents so far this year worldwide with 60% of them impacting the U.S. health sector. Whether the hack is committed by notorious gangs or lesser known hackers, hospitals now account for 30% of all large data breaches and at a substantial cost of billions.

The Ipsos study surveyed 130 hospital executives in Information Technology (IT) and Information Security (IS) roles, as well BioMed technicians and engineers. The respondents, who averaged 15 years of experience in their fields, provided insight into the current state of medical device security within hospitals as well as highlighted the challenges their organizations face.

We are pleased to welcome guest speakers, Joe Scotto (Chief Marketing Officer at CyberMDX) and David Phillips (Senior Director of Marketing at Philips), who will discuss key insights from the study:

  • The lack of automation for medical device inventory
  • The impact of device shutdowns on hospitals
  • The low prioritization of cybersecurity investment

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Speakers :

  • Max Och, Ipsos Healthcare Advisory Consultant

  • Joe Scotto, CyberMDX Chief Marketing Officer

  • David Phillips, Philips Senior Director of Marketing

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