[VIRTUAL SUMMIT] The race to reshape retail in a period of mass disruption

Never in our history has retailing been so disrupted by so many influences in such a short window of time. The current pace of change will create current and future winners and losers. Framing the core elements of these changes, and the science of the associated behaviors, will be key to visualizing what the future holds and what your strategy focus should be to ensure success.

Will customers come back to stores? How will they choose where to shop? What is now expected of the in-store experience — and the ecommerce experience? What is the future of retail real estate and payment methods? And, how do we address the growing consumer demand that we do more as companies than just sell products — that we represent diversity and inclusion, that we have a purpose?

Join us and our robust roster of amazing guest speakers – including co-author of Good is the New Cool, Afdhel Aziz – for Ipsos’ third virtual summit focused on the future of retail and buying. Hear from the experts and the innovators, and dive into the data about how we’re tackling these challenges together. 

We're being joined by Kroger, Levi Strauss, Price Chopper, T-Mobile, US Chamber of Commerce, and other leading brands: 6 sessions, 1 keynote, 23 experts!

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Speakers :

  • Wendy Wallner, Senior Vice President