Human Factors & Ergonomics in Health Care

Ipsos is delighted to be presenting at this year’s virtual symposium with cutting-edge presentations, posters, and workshops on emerging issues in health care human factors and the challenges facing the industry in the near future. Join us online to expand your knowledge of human factors/ergonomics applied to health care devices, environments, and end users in a format that allows for interaction and exchange of knowledge among participants and presenters.



Title & Topic

Rebecca Williamson, Ph.D.

Trevor Johnson

Corey Cook

May 21 @ 1:20 pm ET

How to develop digital instructions: Identifying needs and potential solutions

We will present original research that compares two formats (1. a text-and-image based app and 2. a video) for presenting a medication’s Instructions for Use (IFU) online. We will use the results of this work to provide recommendations for how to optimize digital IFUs to convey complex instructions safely and effectively.

Trevor Johnson

Joy Borgardt

Timothy Johnson

James Myers

Laurie McKenna

Corey Cook

May 19 @ 5:30 pm ET

Beyond Packaging: Confronting the challenges of user preconceptions regarding instructions

This presentation is about current challenges that we face in human factors testing, namely, that individuals are trained to seek out information from their doctor or pharmacist when prescribed a new medication. This causes challenges from both a testing and therapeutic perspective as these are avenues that are outside the manufacturer's control. We intend to highlight some of the challenges typically observed and begin a dialogue in how we can better control these factors so that we better implement human factors validation techniques and ultimately improve patient therapies.

Marissa Vallette, Ph.D.

Chareen Lim

Mary Farrell

Chloe Markley

Maria Caycedo

May 20 @ 3:45 pm ET

Best Practices for Engaging Users with Connected Health Apps and Devices

In this presentation, we will illustrate best practices for designing mobile apps and connected devices within the healthcare industry. Specifically, we will focus on two challenges, successful onboarding and continued engagement, that designers must overcome to make a connected health solution successful.

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