[WEBINAR] Inflation Nation: How Americans are Coping One Year Later

U.S. consumer prices soared in 2021 by the most in nearly four decades. Now a year later, as Americans grapple with continued inflation during the third pandemic-era summer, how have peoples’ perceptions evolved, what habits have they settled into, and how is this impacting everyday spending and behavior today?

Join us as we take a deep dive into how Americans are coping with inflation one year later, including:

  • A longitudinal look at inflation-related topics, themes, and drivers that have emerged across social media and in online community conversations since 2021, from rising interest rates to decisions at shelf.
  • How these narratives continue to impact consumer emotions, motivations, cross-category purchasing decisions, and daily activities today, including what consumers are foregoing, and what items they feel they just can’t do without.
  • How consumer plans and outlook are changing for the rest of the year and what they are expecting from brands and retailers to help them navigate through foreseeable economic uncertainty, including strategic recommendations for brands as we move into fall and the holiday season.

We look forward to sharing these insights with you.

To access the recording, please click here.


Speakers :

  • Kate Hensler, VP, Ipsos Online Communities

  • Joe Lonek, Senior Director, Ipsos Social Intelligence Analytics

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