[WEBINAR] Insights For Pharma: Helping “Challenger” Brands Win

To the good fortune of patients, treatment for the vast majority of conditions is significantly beyond where things were at just 40 years ago. Therapies have progressed from small molecules to include biologics, heart disease deaths have dropped significantly, targeted therapies for cancer have become a true reality, combination therapies for HIV have extended life by multiple-decades post-diagnosis, conditions like HCV now essentially have “cures”, cell and gene therapies have reached the bedside, and the innovations go on and on…

HCPs, patients, and payers generally have a broad assortment of therapeutic options to consider – so much so that for several conditions a new brand might go largely unnoticed. Not every brand has the deep pockets and risk appetite to invest hundreds of millions into head-to-head trials vs the latest therapeutic innovation, but does that mean they don’t deserve to exist? Can these brands still bring value to patient outcomes, and be meaningful players for HCPs and payers to consider? How can a “challenger” brand make a mark, and ultimately win at launch, when plagued by difficulties like: being late to market, entering a crowded landscape, having limited data to distinguish its profile, facing competition with more “novel” MOAs, not having the big commercial bucks and infrastructure to rival competition, etc.?

Moderated by Ipsos Healthcare Advisory Commercial Strategy Executive Leader, Neil Kairen, this virtual roundtable discussion will explore:

  • What has helped some “challenger” brands win, versus those that lose?
  • How does a brand get noticed in a crowded market, with limited distinctive data?
  • How have organizations with limited infrastructure and funding for particular disease areas managed to nonetheless launch successfully in key markets?
  • When you only have X dollars to spend – where should you spend it to move the needle?

Register today! Don’t miss out hearing from our seasoned panel of experts:

  • Anuj Hasija, Novartis, VP Global Oncology Lifecycle and Established Medicines
  • Bill Gibson, Eisai, Senior Director & US Commercial Launch Lead, Alzheimer's Disease
  • Bill Renzo, Ascendis Pharma, US & Global Lead - Pricing, Contracting & Distribution
  • Pablo Lapuerta, 4M Therapeutics, CEO
  • Steve Girling, Ipsos Healthcare NA, President

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