[WEBINAR] Maximizing market foresight in pharma & healthcare

Any company playing in a rapidly evolving market must take a multifaceted approach to planning the strongest foundation for future commercial success: Develop an understanding of the dynamics driving the future landscape; factor in the interaction of competing companies’ commercial strategies; develop foresight into the consequences of alternative decisions on future success.

Join us for a complimentary webinar to learn how you can prepare plans addressing these critical points, through a proven approach to market foresight: Dynamic Market Simulation (DMS), also called competitive simulation or war gaming. DMS allows you to explore the inter-play and dynamics among your various stakeholders, fully utilizing all existing data and insights already at your disposal.

Learn as our Market Access experts outline how you can use DMS to “engineer” your organization’s success, by simulating a competitive battle over several years – exploring multiple scenarios – resulting in:

  1. Development of winning capabilities
  2. Inclusion of transparent, easy-to-understand market dynamics
  3. Simplified success tracking, through key performance indicators

Join our session – which will highlight disease area examples from Oncology and Autoimmune/Inflammatory –to deepen your understanding of the knowledge and benefits to be gained by exploring future market dynamics, including:

  • How physicians will make prescribing decisions
  • How payers will assess products, approach pricing and control access
  • How competing companies will differentiate themselves and most effectively co-position their assets to maximize potential

This intelligence will help inform developmental and commercial decision-making that will help drive your organization’s future success. If you can’t attend live, please register to receive the recording!

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Speakers :

  • Chris Teale, Senior Vice President, GB, Market Access

  • Paul O’Meara, Senior Vice President, US, Syndicated Research

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