[IPSOS SUMMIT] On The Menu: Where is the next growth for food and beverage?

The last two years haven’t just changed the way we live—they’ve transformed the ways we eat. The pandemic brought new attention to boxed meal kits, delivery apps, sourdough starters, and more.

The real takeaway might be the potential for growth in the food industry. From the grocery store, to dining room to the drive-thru, things have been shaken up. Some manufacturers pivoted to "hard" soft drinks, while others rolled out mocktails. Superfoods hit supermarket shelves. We saw cultured burgers, plant protein burgers, and an expanding middle ground between quick snacks and slow food.

As we return to dining out and inviting friends in, which of these changes do consumers want to keep? What’s gotten stale, and where are things just getting started?

During our next Ipsos Summit in Chicago (or online), we’ll look at recipes for continued growth in the food and beverage industries, and present research-driven insights on what (and how) Americans are eating. Join us for catering, drinks, special guests, and all-you-can-eat data, plus much more—live and direct from the Greenhouse Loft in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood.

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For those who will be joining us live in Chicago, we invite you to take part in a networking lunch (12pm) and a cocktail reception through 7pm after the content program concludes. All registrants will also receive a link to the recording archives to be made available following the summit.

Here's a taste of what we have cooked up so far. More sessions to be announced soon!

The state of the food consumer

Consumers have faced one challenge after another: a pandemic, a blurring of at-home and in-office work environments, supply chain challenges, and now inflation at a 40-year high. Each challenge affected their food behaviors. In this table-setting session, Oscar Yuan, President of Ipsos Strategy3, will present the latest insights and lead a panel of experts to paint a portrait of the American consumer in 2022. We'll offer expert insights on shopper behavior, confidence, spending, and more.

Channel evolution in food and beverage

Impulse buying remains a significant driver of food and beverage sales. But how do your customers discover—and decide on—that spur-of-the-moment purchase? In this session, Shohini Banerjee, who leads Ipsos Channel Performance in the U.S. and Jesse Itzkowitz, an Ipsos senior vice president and head of the behavioral science center, will host a discussion about the forces that drive impulsive orders online, in-store, and in between. We'll review new data on the ways different generations of Americans shop and untangle the psychological reasons they buy things on a whim, from hunger to convenience to capriciousness.

Extending your brand into functional food

Americans increasingly view their diet as a way to act on personal and societal values, from health and wellness to sustainability and corporate responsibility. Joseph DeVeny, U.S. leader for Ipsos’ Innovation practice, and Joe Lonek, Director on the Ipsos Social Intelligence Analytics team, will present findings from Ipsos’ social listening research and lead a discussion about shifting consumer priorities and how brands can innovate new products to meet those growing needs, along with the jobs we’ll hire food to do in the future.

Marketing Food to Diverse Audiences

The American population continues to diversify both demographically, and in terms of its food tastes. How do you demonstrate empathy and meet their needs as consumers? Manuel Garcia-Garcia, the global lead for Ipsos Neuroscience and a leader of the BRIDGE employee resource group, will take you through examples of best-in-class creative executions based on Ipsos’ new proprietary Racial Equity Measure. Which brands are dishing up compelling campaigns?

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