[WEBINAR] Is Your Pharma Website Optimized for Users?

Being newly diagnosed with a chronic condition is a frightening concept for most individuals. However, understanding its therapy can be a potential stress-reliever. Secondary to one’s healthcare provider, a pharmaceutical website can be a key contributor for a patient to understand a new therapy, its potential side effects, and available financial assistance. Unfortunately, many pharmaceutical websites are not optimally presented to the end user. For instance, navigation panels are unintuitive, critical information is obscured, and the important safety information is often distracting. This can cause the user confusion and frustration on top of the stress already caused by learning to manage a chronic condition.

Join us for a complimentary webinar as we discuss concepts of information architecture and how they can be applied to improve a pharmaceutical website. We will present an expert analysis of common design challenges observed in the industry. We will uncover why a site’s design can be a barrier to therapy, and how it can negatively impact the end user and manufacturer. We will then explain how applying a targeted information architecture structure, coupled with user testing, can provide long-lasting benefits to users.

Don’t miss your opportunity to learn how improving the website for your product can benefit your company by helping the end user, improving navigation, and sharing key information.

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Speakers :

  • Trevor Johnson, Senior Lead Specialist, UX

  • Katherine Heller, Senior Designer, US, UX