[WEBINAR] Los Influyentes: The Rise of Hispanic Affluents in the U.S.

One-in-five Affluent Gen Z’s are Hispanic Americans, compared to only 1-in-15 Boomer/Senior Affluents. These young Affluents are part of the rising “Influyentes” broadening American culture as more Hispanics attain economic power and break into the ranks of the top earning U.S. households. These influencers are changing perspectives about Hispanic culture and expanding the mosaic of Affluent life in America.

Join us for our next webinar featuring Kip Davis, Director of Insights for Ipsos Affluent Intelligence and Ingrid Carrete, Director, Media Entertainment and Platforms as they share findings from our recent Ipsos Affluent Barometer and Affluent Survey on the importance of multicultural marketing to Affluent Americans. This is another in our series focusing on the increasingly diverse and somewhat hard to reach affluent American consumer. Among the things that attendees will learn are how:

  • Affluent Hispanics differ demographically and attitudinally from non-Hispanic Affluents
  • The Affluent Hispanic population is far from monolithic and how marketers should be cognizant of the nuanced differences between different Hispanic populations
  • The experience of Affluent Hispanics is unique as they break into areas where previously there were few non-white adults
  • Language impacts marketing strategies
  • Best to communicate efficiently and effective to this important consumer group

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Speakers :

  • Ingrid Carrete, Director, US, Media Development

  • Kip Davis, Insights Director, Ipsos Affluent Intelligence