[WEBINAR] Making Data Collection a Two-Way Street

Customers know that their data is valuable. They are aware that it is being collected and unless there is a clear reason, assume that it is being used for marketing purposes. While new policies and new laws create the perception of privacy standards being in place, news stories that build distrust are amplified through word of mouth building the suspicion that personal data is being used in ways they don’t expect or even know about. Applying some of the defining principles of a good user experience - control, transparency and trust - can help allay this suspicion. Ipsos research has shown that while users are willing to divulge data, they still want to maintain control of it and value experiences that prioritize that. This will require new levels of transparency on the part of the technology providers that both gives them access to data and continues to provide users with the convenience of new technology. 

Join us for a complimentary webinar as our experts explore:

  • The paradox of consent: How access to technology often requires giving up consent, forcing immediate decisions that users may come to regret
  • What companies need to know about how to collect data 
  • How transparency contributes to a best in class user experience 

This webinar will:

  • Demonstrate how to implement best practices for data collection from a compliance and user perceptive 
  • Provide actionable design principles and best practices for transparency
  • Explain how users think about data and want to retain control when sharing

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Speakers :

  • Amanda Weller, Senior Research Director, Ipsos UX

  • Abigail Durnett, Director, Ipsos UX

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