[WEBINAR] Media Still Matters: Affluents Deep Connection with Media Brands

Affluent Americans lead busy lives filled with work and family responsibilities. They are sought after for their advice and opinions across many subjects from financial planning to travel recommendations, luxury cars to entertainment choices. Yet, despite already full lives, or because of them, Affluents actively seek out media brands and outlets every waking hour of every day. They engage with those brands to stay informed, entertained, and amused. While the last two years have been tumultuous in many ways, familiar media brands became a keystone in Affluent lives – the all-important piece that has kept their lives intact and on track.

 Join us for a complimentary webinar for insights into the how and why Affluents connect with beloved media brands, when marketers can best attract their attention, and the types of content that are most appealing. Among other things, attendees will learn:

  • When Affluents use different media platforms throughout the day
  • Changes in media usage and share of time resulting from the pandemic
  • How media choices are driven by generation and other demographics
  • Receptivity of advertising by media platforms

Despite the economic fallout from the pandemic, Affluent American managed to substantially increase their net worth in the past year. They already outspend non-Affluent two-to-one, and with this extra financial cushion are poised to be an even stronger purchasing bloc in the next year. Understanding their media preferences and relationships are the key to knowing how best to market to what is arguably the most important consumers in the U.S. today.

Speakers :

  • Tony Incalcatera, Senior Vice President, US, Audience Measurement

  • Jesse Peretz, Director in Ipsos’ U.S. Audience Measurement

Media & Brand Communication