Most Contagious USA

Ipsos is proud to be a sponsor of Most Contagious USA, a virtual live-streamed review of key advertising insights designed to inspire attendees to create braver, better work.

Be sure not to miss Why Brands Should Learn Cultural Fluency. 2020 was a seismic year that none of us will ever forget. Now it’s time to look forward. We often hear talk about a ‘new normal’ but what does that mean? Just because it will be ‘normal’, doesn’t mean the world will be how it once was. In fact, 2021 presents us with an opportunity: some things should not be the same as before and this is perhaps a time for change. During this presentation, Ipsos’ Pedr Howard will share new data to show that there is huge opportunity for brands who show a deeper understanding on social and cultural issues, in ways both small and large.

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For highlights from our presentation, please see our article.

Speakers :

  • Pedr Howard, SVP, Creative Excellence