[WEBINAR] Neuroscience: Your Best Bet for Total Understanding

At Ipsos, we partner with leading academics around the world to blend neuroscience and psychological methods to create a total understanding of how consumers experience the world and make decisions.

You may think of neuroscience as insights being generated in a lab, but these days, online research is where it’s at. Join us for a complimentary webinar as we demo some examples of how our online neuroscience solutions help companies build more effective ads, smarter products and better packaging.

  • Creative|Spark fuels the creative process by helping advertisers and agencies quickly evaluate & optimize creative to power brand growth, by using a combination of science disciplines to measure a range of thoughts, feelings and emotions with Facial Affective Response.
  • Duel, from Ipsos, measures response times in a clever choice “tournament” design to quickly screen new innovation elements in a way that’s fun for respondents. We track both consumer preference and the speed of response to see how intuitive or easy each choice is.
  • We have integrated webcam eye tracking into our dynamic online shelf environments. By tracking the natural trajectory of consumers gaze, we can optimize both package design and in-store placement strategy.

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Speakers :

  • Manuel Garcia-Garcia, PhD, Global Lead Neuroscience, Global Science Organization