[WEBINAR] Oncology Essentials for Marketers and Marketing Researchers

Join Ipsos for an introduction to the complex, fast-moving world of oncology.

Delivered by Ipsos’ Oncology Center of Expertise, this introductory session will inform and equip pharmaceutical professionals who are new to oncology marketing or marketing research – or looking to enter this therapy area. Specifically, our complimentary webinar will provide a concise overview of:

  • What is Cancer: the disease, its prevalence and its causes
  • Types of Cancer: solid tumors versus hematological malignancies
  • Staging: staging and classification systems by cancer type
  • Treatment Overview: treatment approaches and drivers of treatment choice
  • Precision Medicine: biomarkers and targeted agents
  • Immuno-Oncology: novel agents and future innovations
  • Implications: considerations for marketing and MR professionals.

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Speakers :

  • Eric Blouin, Ipsos Oncology Center of Expertise (North America)

Consumer & Shopper