[WEBINAR] Pharma utilization and cost management for self-funded employers

With rising prescription drug costs increasingly due to cell, gene and other high cost therapies, employers are exploring various approaches to managing drug utilization and spend by their employees. Join us for a complimentary webinar as we explore this topic in detail and outline implications to market access strategy development.

In this session you will hear more about:

  • Current trends in the employer management of formularies today (use of Benefit Design consultants, closed formularies, copay accumulators / maximizers)
  • Pharmaceutical innovation (cell and gene therapies, other high cost therapies in rare diseases) and the potential disruption to the self-funded employer market
  • Employer options in the face of innovation and disruption
    • Employer coalitions to share risk
    • Stop loss coverage
    • Alternative financing models
    • Policy advocacy – CMS negotiation of prices, Medicare carve outs for these therapies
  • Implications for future pricing and access strategy development

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Speakers :

  • Jason Boller, Senior Vice President, Health CS&F

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