[WEBINAR] Physician-Administered Therapies: Access Strategies & Insights

Join Ipsos for a complimentary webinar as we explore the expected evolution of the access and reimbursement environment for physician-administered therapies, and outline what it means for you as you prepare to launch physician-administered therapies.

During this session, we will discuss:

  • Payer management of physician-administered therapies today, including their desire and ability to manage medical therapy utilization and spend in various therapeutic areas
  • Expected evolution in payer management of physician-administered therapies to achieve their objectives across various TAs including, immunology, oncology, rare diseases, next gen curative therapies
  • Expected avenues to achieve their objective e.g. Medical Rebate / Value Based Contracts, Color Bagging, Alternative Payment Models
  • What it means to manufacturers as they develop their market access strategies and prepare to launch physician-administered therapies
  • How Ipsos can help – Introducing our V5 framework to help brand teams develop their patient access strategies

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Speakers :

  • Fenan Solomon, Account Manager, Health CS&F

  • James Mcdermott, Health CS&F

  • Jason Boller, Health CS&F