[WEBINAR] Podcast Audience Building Insights & Tips

Close to 30 million Affluent Americans (42%) listen to podcasts in a typical week, with Comedy and News the most popular genre. Over the past 5 years, podcast audiences have grown by almost 60%. For many Affluents, podcasts have become part of their daily routine – and for some as important as more traditional forms of entertainment and news.

Join Dorothy Advincula, SVP Head of U.S. Audience Measurement and Insight, and Tony Incalcatera, SVP Chief Research Officer for Ipsos Affluent Intelligence as they discuss the deepening relationship that Affluents have with podcasting. Among the insights that will be covered:

  • Most important dayparts for podcast engagement
  • Frequency and timing of listening
  • Which podcasts are the most favorite
  • The discovery process for finding new podcasts
  • Understanding the motivation for listening to podcasts
  • Relationship of advertising in podcasts
  • Attitudes towards podcasts

Podcasts represent a relatively new way to relate to consumers in a highly tailored environment. Since Affluent households account for over $2.6 trillion dollars in annual spending, marketers of all sizes need to know how to optimize their use of podcasting to reach this important audience.

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Speakers :

  • Tony Incalcatera, Senior Vice President, US, Audience Measurement

  • Dorothy Advincula, Senior Vice President, US, Head of Audience Measurement and Insights