Polling Ranked Choice Voting Elections

For the first time in its history, New York City voters cast their ballots in the June primaries using Ranked Choice Voting (RCV). Under Ranked Choice Voting voters can rank up to five candidates, and in a systematic process of elimination, votes are reallocated until one candidate wins.

The challenges in reaching voters and obtaining accurate survey results are well known to those in political survey research. Does this task become even more complicated and uncertain with this new voting method?

Ipsos’ Chris Jackson joins an expert panel discussion hosted by NYAAPOR sharing first-hand experience polling the June Democratic primary. They panelists will address the challenges they faced conducting accurate survey research in this first-of-its-kind election in the country’s largest and most diverse city. Then, they will turn their attention to the November General Election featuring Adams versus Republican Curtis Sliwa.

For event and registration details, please visit the NYAAPOR website.

Speakers :

  • Chris Jackson, Senior Vice President, US, Public Affairs