[WEBINAR] Post-Pandemic Qualitative Shift & Outlook

Qualitative researchers generate insight via authentic human connection. While online research has been a part of the toolkit for years, face-to-face touchpoints remained critical for many objectives until March 2020 – when it became clear that in most cases, we needed to pull our researchers out of the field, overnight. What happened next was not simply a shift to online data collection, but a greater shift in the nature of connection.

Qual researchers, known for their agility and creative problem solving, devised new ways of delivering and even elevating the empathic research and deep insight they’re known for. Doing research while everyone was in their own homes, in the midst of real life, opened new opportunities for genuine 2-way personal connection.

Join us for a complimentary webinar, we’ll share learning from this big pivot and what it means for the future of qualitative research across business sectors and objectives.

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Speakers :

  • Victoria Guyatt, Head of Healthcare Ethnography, NA

  • Karin O’Neill, Senior Vice President, Innovation, US, Ipsos UU