[RECORDING] Quirk’s Virtual Global Event: Global Perspectives

Ipsos is pleased to be a sponsor of this year’s Virtual Global Event hosted by Quirk’s Media. Revisit the recording of Ipsos’ Andrei Postoaca, CEO of Ipsos.Digital, presentation about how continued heavy investment in technology, people and partners, enables brands to build their project(s) on their own or with our expert guidance at any stage(s) required. Whether in DIY or DIY-assisted mode, our users have total confidence that their project has been optimized for success. 

Being sure, agile and smart: How to exploit DIY research, AI and blue skies illustrates why technology innovation, simplicity, speed and expertise are the essential building blocks of successful market research projects.

Key Takeaways:

  • Explore the benefits of DIY and DIY-assisted research projects in terms of time, cost, expertise and quality.
  • Participate in a wider discussion about AI, the true democratization of market research, mobile, social listening and the future of DIY MR.
  • Curious to know what the market has to say about a question you might have? This could be your opportunity to test-drive the power of Omnibus 4.0 and find out what the market has to say…

For more event details, please visit the Quirk’s website or view the recording here.

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